Cruising Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Cruising options along the U.S. and Canadian coastlines abound By David Brown August 4, 2000 It lies crouched like an animal on the North American continent along the 42nd parallel. This paradoxical lake alternately sleeps quietly in the sun and then rouses itself with a hiss and bared claws and teeth. It is called Lake Erie, but if you go back far enough you'll find that to the Native Americans it was the Lake of the Cat. The people who occupied what are now portions of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York called themselves the "People of the Cat" ... the...

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Lake Martin: The Jewel of the South

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Known as a top ten “party lakes” in the US, Lake Martin is one of Alabama’s most exciting lakes. It spans three counties, Tallapoosa, Elmore and Coosa, and has over 750 miles of gorgeous wooded shoreline. The reservoir is known for its pristine waters and for being one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Lake Martin generates power for the surrounding communities, which makes it an important body of water unto itself. However, it is the entertainment and recreational opportunities that generate real interest in the lake. Lake Martin hosts many events throughout the year, including fishing tournaments,...

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Lake Tahoe: Must See Attractions in Lake Tahoe

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If you’re visiting Lake Tahoe, you’ll want to know all about the attractions. What is there to see? What can you do and where can you visit? Boating is one of the most popular attractions when it comes to a lakeside visit, but it’s certainly not the only thing in this beautiful spot. Here are the top things you need to see and do when you visiting Lake Tahoe Use the Water as your Driving RangeGolfing is popular in the area, and many people enjoy the fact that they can take a trip to Edgewood and hit their balls into...

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Fall Fishing 101

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Fall is upon us ladies and gentlemen, and with the season change, it is time to adjust our fishing strategies. With the cooler temperatures, lake water levels are dropping and leaving many anglers struggling to keep up with the adjustments. Today we want to take a look a few important fall fishing tips to make sure you keep reeling them in during the cooler months of the year. Where to Find Bass During the fall, bass will suspend and school around shad near breaks and humps in the lake. If you want your best shot at reeling in the big...

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Ice Fishing Advice 101

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Ice fishing is a popular pastime in many of the colder countries around the world. Anglers often look for the best places to visit, especially when they want to try something new. Before going to one of the popular lakes or a secret spot, it’s important to learn as much as you can about this type of fishing. It is very different to the regular type of fishing. Here’s all the advice you need to make ice fishing work just for you. Take the Danger Seriously Too many people fail to take the danger of this type of fishing seriously....

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