Top Party Lakes of the United States

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I have browsed several lake lists of potential party central locations but I wanted to put something together for our readers that would reflect the true nature of LAKEMODE.NET. In no particular order the 6 lake locations below would make for a great summer bucket list and leave any avid lake goer nursing a week long hangover.

Lake Minnetonka-Hennepin County, MN
This close to 15,000 acre lake is just one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, but it makes a splash on our list because of the amazing Big Island part scene and scandals dating back to 1926. Be it Frank Lloyd Wright in ’26 or the Vikings sex scandal something about Lake Minnetonka brings out the debauchery in a person. Make sure you check out Big Island and if you’re adventurous enough, the 4th of July is quite the spectacle.

Grand Lake Saint Mary’s- Mid-west Ohio
Grand Lake has a spot on our list not because it’s the largest lake, cleanest, or most crowded lake, but because of the more than 10 local bars that surround the 13,500 acre lake. Bar hopping is a way of life at Grand Lake. An average weekend consists of climbing on the pontoon (with a designated sober driver) and navigating the bars. You must have an appropriately colored and named “Duckfart” shot at the legendary Duckfoot or travel down to the adeptly named and logoed “Shockers Park Grand” and listen to some live local music.

Lake Tahoe- Sierra Nevada Region
One of the clearest and most beautiful lakes in the world, this lake finds a spot at # 9 because of its magnificent beauty and equally amazing gambling and party scene. Lake Tahoe is full of party houses and booze cruises. This lake is one of the largest on our list and will not disappoint any avid party goer. Put this on your bucket list and make sure you hit up Zephr Cove.

Lake Havasu- Arizona
This reservoir sits behind the Parker Dam and is widely known for its great fishing but makes the cut because of one of the nation’s top boat poker runs (Desert Storm) and the amazing spectacle of spring break and the Bridgewater Channel.

Lake Norman- Near Charlotte, NC
This mountain lake fed by the Catawba River was created by Duke Power to feed the Piedmont area of North Carolina with power. All we have to say is “Thanks Duke Power”. This creation of human genius has one of the greatest Olympics held every year. No this isn’t curling it’s the Annual Social Olympics. This party consists of Flip-cup, suck-n-blow, dizzy bat and a plethora of other alcohol related events. Stop by and participate or just go for the people watching. I guarantee you will have a good time.

Lake Cumberland- Kentucky
Home of the legendary party cove this lake is anchored on our list for many reasons but mainly because of its current Guinness World record status for largest boat tie-up. Harmon Creek Party Cove is a spectacle that can be summed up in 3 words; Booze, Boats, and Babes. This tie-up consists of more than 1,600 boats with party goers jumping boat to boat partying down and getting wet and wild.

The moral of the story with any of these top party spots is have fun and be safe. Lakemode is a concept only realized by our human nature to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Please feel free to add to this list and stay tuned for many more.

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  • Frank Mininch

    I was involved in the “legendary party cove” boat chain. There was more alcohol than water in the lake.

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