Southern Kentucky Fishing Report

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This year should be good for Southern Kentucky Fishing. Below is a list of the most abundant and catch-able fish at any of the marvelous lakes. Also, check out the few highlighted lakes but, don’t be afraid to pull that boat out and hit any of the wonderful TVA lakes around Kentucky and Tennessee.

Blue Catfish: Good numbers of 10-20 pounders with the occasional 50+ pounder. Best fishing is during late spring and summer along deep river channels. Look for good flow in the lake for best fishing conditions. Blue catfish can be caught year-round in the tailwater.

Bluegill: Good numbers of fish up to 9 inches; the best fishing comes in May on sand or gravel spawning beds. Crickets and worms fished under a cork during the spawn is a great option. Fish move deeper as the water warms in summer.

Channel catfish: Best fishing is during May along rocky banks and during summer along the main river channel and adjacent flats. Try stink-bait in shallow water in the spring. Channel
Catfish can also be caught year-round in the tail water.

Crappie: The numbers of crappie are good. Many fishermen are changing tactics, casting or trolling light jigs and roadrunners year-round.

Largemouth bass: Shallow water fishing for spawning bass can be amazing in the spring around button ball bushes with floating baits, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, and plastic creature baits.
During post spawn most bass move to drop-offs in the main lake and mouths of the bays. Try fishing Carolina rigs, jigs, and crankbaits in deeper water when there is good current moving through the reservoir. During summertime, fishing shallow near structure can also be effective, particularly at dawn or dusk. In fall and winter, bass move into the bays to feed on shad.

Redear sunfish: Good numbers of 8-10 inch fish with trophies up to 12 inches. Prime fishing occurs in late April and throughout May as fish are spawning. Fish can be found in areas with gravel substrate and vegetation. Redear generally spawn a bit deeper than bluegill

Bluegills: These are abundant and some great sizes are currently being pulled out. Eight to nine inch blues have been hitting live bait. Try night crawlers, redworks, and crickets.

Channel Cat: Early cat fishing has been great. Lots of mid-range 3-6 pound channel cat and if you’re lucky you can find the big ones.

Spotted Bass: I have heard from quite a few people that they have been having a lot of luck with spotted bass.

Green River Lake
Stay above 18 feet and you will have success. Fish are still pretty high up because of the oxygen levels and largemouth fishing has been excellent. 15+ inch fish and a great likely hood of 18inch or more bass our being caught.

If its muskie you want then get out there now. Early spring and summer will produce the best chance for that wall hanger. Target standing timber coves, main lake stump beds, humps, and channel drop offs during late spring and summer.

Laurel River Lake

Fishing should be greatly improved at Laurel Lake this year. Large Mouth populations have continued to increase and crappies are being caught near the city dam. Use jigs and swim baits for small-mouth bass and look for schooling shad on the surface for spots to find smallies.

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