Best Boat Blunders & Fails

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Last weekend, I had just left a local establishment after enjoying a delicious lunch and hopped in my new 24ft Baja when I noticed a fellow boater in distress just off the shore. I fired up my engine and floored it, making my way over to the boaters in need as fast as I could. As I pulled up to the nearly sunken boat I realized that none of the individuals had even put on their life vests. I calmly began to direct them to quit worrying about their cooler of beer and suit up because they were going down.

At this time all occupants had fastened their vests and began to swim over to my boat. I threw out a few ropes and got them safely onto my vessel. The look of distress on the captain’s face was horrifying. I couldn’t help but feel pain for his situation as a few years earlier I was also faced with a sinking vessel. By this time all were accounted for and we began trying to salvage the boat that was sinking just off the shore.

My first question to this new boat owner, whose eyes were full of terror, was “did you remember to put in the boat plug.” The answer I got was comical and tragic in the same sense. “What’s a boat plug,” he asked still frantic over the sinking. All I could do was shake my head and watch this brand new $40,000+ boat sink to the bottom of the lake. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking, and yes I too have forgotten to put in a plug once or twice. But, the fact that John Doe here didn’t know what a boat plug was or even how to operate his brand new vessel was comical to me.

In honor of this short story, I have compiled my list of the best boat fails I could find on the web. In no particular order here they are.

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