Lake Erie Fishing Report July 2015

Fishing Fishing Report Lake Erie Perch Smallmouth Steelhead Walleye

Globally Lake Erie is the world’s 13th largest lake. Erie is the shallowest and smallest in volume of all the Great Lakes, but is typically regarded as having the most abundant fish population of all the Great Lakes. Commercial fishing and sport fishing alike bring anglers from all over. Lake Erie a Mecca for fishermen and the fishing industry contributes billions to the surrounding economies. Most anglers headed to Lake Erie are going after one of three main species of fish. Below is the most recent information about these three main species and where they are being caught.

Erie is always a walleye hot spot and this summer we are seeing some good size fish being caught. In the Western Basin Walleye have been caught along the Canadian border. Stay close to Sister Island and just east of Gull Island Shoal. Also, try hitting up the area northwest of the Chagrin River. Fishermen have been reporting the use of spoons and worm harnesses. If you are casting for Walleye try out mayfly rigs and spinners.

Head over to North Bass Island or near the Toledo harbor. Also, reports say that nice size perch are being caught near Ashtabula Lakeshore Park and north of Conneaut. Break out your crappie rigs with shiners and fish near the bottom or try using perch spreaders. Right not the perch are pretty low, fish deep and you will be fine.

If its smallmouth you are looking for, stay towards the reefs and shorelines. You will want to try out Bass Island or Camp Perry. Nice smallies have been reported in both areas. If you are in the central basin try to stay close to Ashtabula Lakeshore. Fish around 10-25 feet and use twister tails, cranks, and spinners. If you aren’t having luck try out some tube jigs. By far the best spot we have seen this July for Large Mouth Bass is anywhere by Catawba Island or the harbors.

Bonus Report:
If you are looking for steelhead go out into the lake. Steelhead are looking for cooler waters and use deep crank baits or trolling spoons.

Please continue to check out our blog for updates on fishing, water-sports and all that is lake worthy. Below are some links for other data on fishing Lake Erie. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment and let us know what you think.

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