Supra Boats Pro Wake Tour Last Stop

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If you didn’t listen to our previous blog post about the amazing Pro Wake Tour Events then there is one more chance to catch the Supra Boats PWT this year. If you have not attended one of the stops yet, but enjoy watching perfection on the board, you must make it out to Janesville, WI August 1st. The competition is heating up and with $41,000 on the line for the last stop you can bet these boarders will bring their “A” game.

These events are filled with next level athletes performing the sickest tricks on water. Harley Clifford has been amazing this year posting a total of 300 and winning all three PWT events so far. He has tough competition at the top with Mike Dowdy’s 240 points in 2nd place (the only human on earth to land a 1260), Cory Teunissen at 3rd with 235 points and Phillip Soven with a respectable 225. These 4 are sure to have great time and kick it up a notch at the last PWT event.

Supra Boats PWT Rankings

Harley Clifford

Mike Dowdy

Cory Teunissen

Phil Soven

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