Ice Fishing Advice 101

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Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in many of the colder countries around the world. Anglers often look for the best places to visit, especially when they want to try something new. Before going to one of the popular lakes or a secret spot, it’s important to learn as much as you can about this type of fishing. It is very different to the regular type of fishing.

Here’s all the advice you need to make ice fishing work just for you.

Take the Danger Seriously

Too many people fail to take the danger of this type of fishing seriously. It is the most dangerous, and you need to make sure you follow the top safety tips. If you don’t treat it seriously, you run the risk of falling in the water, suffering from hypothermia and much more.

The most important danger is going through the ice. Most of the time, you will walk along ice on a larger lake or river. Make sure the ice is at least four inches thick, so that it will hold your body weight. You may see people on ice that is around 2.5 inches thick, but this is definitely not safe.

Tell people where you are going to when you’re planning your trip. At least people know where to check if something does happen.

Know Ice Depth for Safety

Slow and Steady Movements Are the Best

Like humans, fish move slower in the cold. That means you need to keep your movements slower. Give the fish a change to grab your bait. In many cases, a fish will save energy rather than chase your bait! Novice anglers tend to struggle with this the most, especially those who are used to fly fishing!

Bobbers are great for ice fishing. Again, the fish try to expend less energy, so they’re not going to aggressively go after your bait. It’s possible to set your line depth with your bobber to help see when a fish is around.

Ice Fishing Equipment


Think About Depth

It’s also important to think about the depth. The fish generally remain around the same depth in colder water. Just a bit of research about the area and the type of fish before you go will help you find the perfect one for you.

For those who are fishing in shallower waters, think about the light that gets through. The fish are used to darkness from the ice, so sunlight getting through is likely to scare them off. You can use ice shavings to cover the hole in the ice to make it look like there isn’t a risk. Check out these Tips.

Learn How to Deal With Hypothermia

Hypothermia is one of the most common reasons for death when ice fishing. It’s because few anglers know the signs and how to deal with it. It’s important to know the signs and how to prevent it from happening.

Falling through the ice can happen. Remember that while you’re treating the dangers seriously, you also need to know what to do if something does go wrong. It can take just 20 minutes of being soaked in icy water for someone to die. Make sure you act quickly if this happens, and have spare clothes with you.

Having your cell phone is always important. Don’t leave it in your pocket! Put it in your bag so you or someone else can reach it if something happens. When going in a group, everyone needs to have a cell phone on them, just in case. It really is better to be safe than sorry.

Doing your research before you go is the best thing. You will be able to treat all the dangers seriously, and know how to act should something happen to you while out. At the same time, you want your ice fishing experience to be a successful one. Ultimately, make sure you have the proper gear and dress for the weather. The tips above will help you understand more about the fish, and make sure you catch something to take home to show off your efforts.

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