Fall Fishing 101

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Fall Fishing

Fall is upon us ladies and gentlemen, and with the season change, it is time to adjust our fishing strategies. With the cooler temperatures, lake water levels are dropping and leaving many anglers struggling to keep up with the adjustments. Today we want to take a look a few important fall fishing tips to make sure you keep reeling them in during the cooler months of the year.

Large Mouth Fishing

Where to Find Bass
During the fall, bass will suspend and school around shad near breaks and humps in the lake. If you want your best shot at reeling in the big guy, you’ll want to look there to begin with. Other hotbeds during the fall tend to be rocky and grassy areas. The main idea in fall is to stay shallow. Bassmasters has a great article about this.

Use Simple Colors
Stick to three different color schemes that guarantee big catches—white/grey, chrome/black, and chrome/blue. Smallies and large-mouth bass are particularly prone to these three-color schemes, so be sure and stick a few lures with these fall geared color schemes in your tackle box. When you opt for jerk bait, use matte color schemes with shad pattern on cloudy days and on sunny days choose chrome-colored jerk-baits. We at Lakemode really like the Silver Blue Back Yamamoto Tenkuu Jerk-baits. This will draw in bass from yards away.

Tenkuu Silver Blue Back

What Lures to Throw
There are many different kinds of lures and jigs to use as fall starts to creep over the horizon. However, if you’re serious about your fishing, and we know you are, you want a guaranteed results producing lure. We recommend bladed swim jigs and chatter bait for the best possible results.

Finally, we’d like to remind you that during the fall and winter season bass move in schools which means you’re going to have to move with them. If you have been fishing for a minute and there isn’t any shad around, move on because the fish certainly have.

Hopefully these tips help you snatch up the best fish in the lake all fall season.

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