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If you’re visiting Lake Tahoe, you’ll want to know all about the attractions. What is there to see? What can you do and where can you visit? Boating is one of the most popular attractions when it comes to a lakeside visit, but it’s certainly not the only thing in this beautiful spot. Here are the top things you need to see and do when you visiting Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Driving Range

Use the Water as your Driving Range
Golfing is popular in the area, and many people enjoy the fact that they can take a trip to Edgewood and hit their balls into the lake. There’s a scenic spot and its great fun for all ages. Once you’ve finished hitting the balls into the water, take a trip back down and go searching for them. Snorkeling is an excellent activity, and will definitely be a way to cool off in the heat.

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

Take a Trip to Emerald Bay
Emerald Bay is full of enticing and dream-like scenery, and it’s definitely an experience that you don’t want to miss. Hiking is one of the most popular ways to get there, especially if you want to jump off into the bay from the top! This is definitely one for those who want something a little more adventurous than they’re usually used to.

Once you’ve taken part in that experience, it’s time to take the Rubicon Trail and see Lester Beach. Get your tan and spend some time relaxing before you head back to your hotel.
When you get back to Emerald Bay, why not take a look around the state park? It was carved millions of years ago, and is completely sheltered by the trees, along Lake Tahoe’s southwest shore. You can drive to this location if you really want, but then you miss out on the scenery from the hike around the lakeside.
For those who love more history, Emerald Bay is also home to Vikings Holm Castle. You can even pretend you’re a Viking!

Sunset Bar & Grille Lake Tahoe

Enjoy a Day of Eating and Drinking
Of course you want to try the local cuisine whenever you go somewhere, and Lake Tahoe is no exception. There are plenty of places to try when it comes to eating and drinking, and you could spend a whole day doing it!

Genoa Bar is the oldest place in the whole of Nevada, and definitely somewhere you want to add. The locals are extremely friendly, and will tell you much more than you ever imagined about the area.
For those who love their cocktails, Gar Woods, Northstar and Lone Eagle Grille at the Hyatt are all places to add to your list. Make sure you try their specialties, including the Gar Woods and Crystal Bay Cooler.
Sunset Bar & Grille is one of our favorite destinations. Sunset is located on the Zephry Cove Resort and is described as “A well-known and popular local gathering in South Lake Tahoe, the Sunset Beach Bar and Grille is open from late spring through early fall. Enjoy your favorite beverages or a specialty frozen drink and some pub fare favorites on a hot summer day either indoors, on the outside deck, or right on the beach beneath a palm umbrella. The Sunset Beach Bar & Grille is the perfect place to meet your friends – and make new ones on your next South Lake Tahoe Vacation.” –
It gets hot and an ice cream is always on the list. Camp Richardson Resort ice cream parlor is certainly somewhere to add to your list of places to visit to try the specials there.

South Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals

Take a Boating Vacation
For many, boating is a popular choice and there are certainly plenty of options available. If you want to get to Echo Lakes Trail for a hike, then you need to take the ferry across. This is a great way to see for miles without having to concentrate too much. The trail will lead to Desolation Wilderness, where there are some great camping spots.

However, kayaking is a popular option, especially when it comes to getting to Emerald Bay. Another popular option for kayaking is getting to Thunderbird Lodge from Sand Harbor. The locals will be able to give you the best people to go to for your boating and kayaking experiences.
If you are staying is South Lake Tahoe we suggest for any rentals. They are very accommodating and offer a wide range of boats and Jetski Rentals.

Lake Tahoe Yoga

Get a Deep Tissue Massage
Finally, add a relaxation element to your lakeside vacation. Mountain Lotus Yoga is the perfect place for those deep tissue massages after your long days of hiking and kayaking. There are other types of massages too, if you don’t fancy anyone getting into the deep tissues. Foot massages are certainly a popular option. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be ready for a trip to the lakeside to just relax and unwind.
There are plenty of things to see and do at Lake Tahoe. It’s time to get your itinerary in order to make sure you get to enjoy all the sights and sounds.

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