Lake Martin: The Jewel of the South

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Known as a top ten “party lakes” in the US, Lake Martin is one of Alabama’s most exciting lakes. It spans three counties, Tallapoosa, Elmore and Coosa, and has over 750 miles of gorgeous wooded shoreline. The reservoir is known for its pristine waters and for being one of the largest man-made lakes in the world.

Lake Martin Dam

Lake Martin generates power for the surrounding communities, which makes it an important body of water unto itself. However, it is the entertainment and recreational opportunities that generate real interest in the lake. Lake Martin hosts many events throughout the year, including fishing tournaments, a fireworks show on the Fourth of July, and the Alexander City Jazz Festival, an annual event every June in downtown Alexander City and at the Lake Martin Amphitheater. Since 2009, the lake hosts the annual AquaPalooza.


Large-mouth Bass

Lake Martin has several fish species swimming along its shoreline including Bluegill, Large-mouth Bass, Striped Bass, Crappie, and Catfish. This makes it a popular location for anglers around the country. In fact, there is an annual fishing tournament on the lake that drives tens of thousands of people to the lake every single year. This tournament has played a role in driving new visitors to the region and spreading awareness about the lake’s existence.

Swimming & Boating


There are 45 public access sites on the reservoir. Each of these access sites comes with a host of picnic tables, grills, and of course swimming beaches. The beaches include white sand and plenty of spots for sun bathing. Wind Creek Park is known to be one of the 6 best "swimming holes" in Alabama.

If boating is more your thing, then the you’ll love the docking access points that are available throughout the shoreline. You can easily put in your boat, jet ski, or even canoes and kayaks on the lake to explore the many cutaways and flat water areas throughout.

Exploring the beauty of the one of the true “Jewels of the South” is open to anyone, and with plenty of family friendly activities available throughout the lake, virtually everyone will find Lake Martin lives up to its namesake.

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