About Us

"Lakemode " is the brain child of several enthusiastic lake goers. We are hardworking, fun loving, water rats that want to share our experiences on the water.

The goal is to provide an innovative, easily navigable, fun website where people can come to purchase awesome swag, read about lake adventures, and review the best spots for fishing, water-sports, and socializing on the lake.

We are new to the idea of selling swag and building websites but its time to take the plunge and get out there.

Lakemode Team:

President and AquaEO

  • "LA" is the founder and original brain child of LAKEMODE™. Spending time on the water fishing, boating or just enjoying summer at the lake is his ideal way of relaxing and living life. While boating is a joy to "LA", he has zero luck keeping his boat a float. Most times you can find him stranded up creek without a paddle.

Chief Troublemaker

  • "KJ" is our newest member, partner and IT guru. Another water rat like the rest of us, he loves hitting up Lake Cumberland for the poker-run and raft-up.

Ambassador of Buzz

  • "Simply" is the second member of our team and head of our research and social media department. When it comes to electronics, custom boat installs or technology, he is simply the man for the job. However, one must always keep an eye out for this guru. When it comes to fun in the sun, he is simply prone to injury.

Minister of Transportation and Safety

  • "Boomer" is a crucial cog in the continued progress of Lakemode™. He is always proven reliable in the area of transportation and safety. Once known for his uncanny ability to waste hours upon hours contemplating the world’s problems, "Boomer" has risen to the occasion and aided both “Simply” and “LA” on a plethora of lake bonanzas. While punctuality is not his strong suit, without Boomer, Lakemode™ would be ship wrecked.

Please check us out on any of our social media platforms. Again, we are new to this so please bear with us while we get this website a float.